Survival? 1-minute.

It is fascinating to watch what human beings make of their Lives from their different perceptions of this One same world we're all in. 

Against the light of one's own expectations, where a younger me saw my own surprised reflections, I realize  now there were deeper insights that were missed. 

I truly never expected the trust of simple folks could make a government or, even, bring it down. Or so the media tell us. 

That belief can be manipulated to serve the rich to harm the poor. 

Across the oceans, in many lands, good people have to actively do battle against the greed of a few. This is the norm, not the exception. 

That what I grew up believing was another story from a time of innocence.

Not that it was bad. I learned of hard work. Perseverance. Compassion. 

But the world keeps moving, one must dance in step with the others. Or be the odd one out... 

In that way, they weed out the unfit from the society of the fittest survive... 

Listen/watch, a better world make! 1-minute.

Of Fakers and The Maker playlist:

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Hey, hey, hey! Be Your Own Blessing.

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