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Value People

Value People

May 08, 2021

People make things happen. Not just the trendsetters in the news.

Look around one and notice the people who make one's Life feel special. These are the ones without whom Life loses its meaning. Whether it's blood relations, friends of various associations (school, work etc.) or even someone secretly admired, not to mention people of the past whom are remembered in occasions of need.

Learn to never utter a hurtful word to their face and, more importantly, never speak ill of them behind their backs as one's character-building exercise of Life. Character? Yes, in contrast to the one who goes around sharing juicy news about others.

We all know the thrill of sharing a scoop, a story against someone. Note however, us included, listeners mentally prepare to discount the speaker as a loose cannon unlikely to be entrusted with private details if it can be helped. Why do you think ...?!

Listen/watch if the people in your Life are truly precious jewels! 1-minute.

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Hey, hey, hey! Be Your Own Blessing.

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