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Hello World!

This is the support page for Traumlands project - where we save creatures from paintings/illustrations depicting violence. Through collage the creatures travel from Trauma to the Dream. A mysterious and magical Journey through the human psyche where we aim to make a bridge from the characters’ trauma depicted in historical
paintings to a cooperatively crafted Dreamland in which they’re liberated.

In order to do so we are facilitating collage workshops for young adults throughout the month of December '21.

All the created collages will be part of the final stop-motion animation that we will be projecting indoors and outdoors with the partner organizations.

The project is in collaboration with Young Bristol, Eastside Community Trust, PRSC, Dareshack and Wheal Martyn and is funded by Arts Council England and National Lottery.

With your support we will be able to acquire more materials (used books, magazines and any other type of wonderful paper creations) for the Dreamworld to become Reality!

Thank you for your contribution!

Axe & Co.