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How much does it cost to walk around Taiwan?

Sep 20, 2021

Walking around Taiwan (徒步環島) is a popular physical challenge that many Taiwanese and visitors to Taiwan have tried. While typically you will run into people who attempt this route around the island via bicycle or motorbike, it isn't uncommon to run into walkers these days! It is a fun travel challenge for those looking for something more exciting than typical travel, but how much does it cost? On my recent walk I recorded my everyday expenses including food, lodging, snacks, and anything else I bought! Let me break down Day 1 for example..

Total Cost = 1,159TWD

  1. Accommodation - 600TWD

  2. Family Mart - 89TWD (Water/Snacks)

  3. Breakfast - 110TWD

  4. Dinner - 360TWD (Hotpot)

So your biggest expense will be accommodation. Sadly it is somewhat difficult to find cheap lodging, especially when you are passing more remote areas. You are looking at at 500 - 1500TWD depending on where you find yourself. However there are two tips I can offer you if you are on a budget.

  1. Keep an eye out for walker-friendly Airbnb's and hostels. You will encounter certain establishments that will either give you discounted rates or even free stays if you are walking the island!

  2. Temples will sometimes offer you free or discounted accommodation. These rates usually hover around 100 - 300 TWD depending upon the temple. A great deal!

As far as your other expenses.. those are very flexible! You can get really cheap if you eat local and stray away from big restaurants. However the weakness point might be the many 711's and Family Marts you will pass. Although they offer nice rest areas they also offer a dangerous array of snack food. So it can be easy to indulge at every break, causing you to go over budget before you know it!

This is just a short explanation on certain cost you might run into on your walk. Feel free to ask in more detail on my Youtube channel! 謝謝!

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