So living off grid has its perks I wake up everyday to hear the birds singing and a beautiful skyline. I’m surrounded by nature which I find very relaxing and enjoyable. Having left the rat race for a more peaceful and sustainable life I find myself at the beginning of an amazing adventure. One filled with excitement and courage.

I realise this life isn’t for everyone. Not everyone can live without being able to turn on a tap for water or being able to watch TV all day long etc. But for me it is freeing. I feel I’m returning to a former existence, a more peaceful and sustainable one. A life where I am responsible for my food and waste, where I need to use my brain to overcome obstacles instead of just throwing money at the problem.

I try to live on as little income as I can. The less I need to work the more I can enjoy the life here and create a paradise on this little piece of the planet. I am truly grateful to each and everyone of you who have donated to me so far. You are all amazing people and I ask myself often what I could have done to have such wonderful people in my life.

This life demands a certain amount of effort and sometimes I have to remind myself it is ok to rest. Yesterday and today have/are rest days I have had so much stress this week I need to rest and not do anything other than care for myself and my animals. It’s easy to get carried away with doing more and more to provide content for my YouTube Chanel but, I need to remember this is my life and I need to work at my pace.

It’s so easy to fall into people pleasing mode over and over again. Something I have tried so hard to remove myself from. So as I sit here this bright sunny Sunday morning I am contemplating my future goals and dreams. What do “I” want to gain from this life? What do “I” want to achieve here on this little piece of heaven? And stop thinking about what would my subscribers like to see because it’s easy to fall into the trap of working long hard hours to make sure they stay. I didn’t start my Chanel to make money or to gain followers I did it as a way to remind myself of how far I have come and that’s what I need to maintain.

I still want to live a sustainable off grid life where I require as little income as possible. I strive to eventually be zero waste. And to eventually be self sufficient in 95% of my requirements but this takes time. Finding ways to create what I want without spending money is sometimes difficult but not impossible. I try to remind myself that nothing is impossible and the word if broken down actually says “I’m possible”.

So I leave you today with this little quote “what seems hard at the beginning is often referred back to the best time of your life” xxx mandy