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Who am I

My name is Gilad Sade and I’m an independent photo journalist and documentary filmmaker!

What am I doing
For years I committed my life to long-term documentary projects in conflict zones and abandoned landscapes.

My Goal
My goal is to observe the life and reality in these forgotten destinations and capture stories that remain unknown.

My content captures and documents unexpected anecdotes.

My previous long term documentary work:
>Documentary series Life behind the conflict
>The photo exhibition Life in the Country Which Doesn't Exist
>The photo exhibition Travel Warning
>Portrait of conflict:
>Do they exist? The Palestinian Bedouins

Current projects:
>Documenting Nagorno Karabakh War and the after effect
>Documentary Photo Book, Frozen Conflict 2015-2020
>Documenting the Pandemic in East Europe

Whether locked in a protracted conflict, avoided, neglected, or abandoned, forgotten destinations have mystical beauty and many stories to tell.

As someone who grew in a conflict zone and was immediately affected by it, I see the importance of telling objective and independent stories. Only this way we can create a change.

Since I started exploring the world I found myself a friend with those who were supposed to be my enemies, I discovered the love in my heart and pushed the hate from my life.
Today I'm fully committed to tell stories that are important, stories that help create a change.

I travel many destinations around the world.
I do not count the number of states I’ve been to!
Because I don’t believe in borders.