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Hello! I'm Sarah, the mind behind the sometimes weird, always fun, Trekkable Studios. I've been drawing in the margins of my notebooks for as long as I can remember. Once I upgraded to sketchbooks, I started really having fun sketching out ideas I never expected to come to fruition. Now, I'm starting to print some of my work in the form of stickers and prints. My mind wanders easily, and I'm a bit of a crafter. I love getting my hands on any materials I can use to create. I even do original watercolors and acrylic paintings and ornaments in my free time. My art is usually inspired by the life I've built. 

I originally come from South Carolina, but I'm currently living in and loving Montana. I've traveled across the US for a variety of reasons, but deep down, I've always been a lover of mountains and nature. Montana was the perfect fit. I also LOVE good coffee. It fuels my adventurous brain and occasionally makes me a little hyper. If you like my art or just like me as a person and want to support my weirdness, buy me a coffee! I promise it'll support one of my beloved local coffee shops in the meantime. When I said GOOD coffee, I meant it.