After the past two years, I finally decided it was go time. When the pandemic began and people were asked to stay home, I started dreaming of more than notebook margins and filled sketchbooks hidden away in the dark recesses of my bookshelves. A thought, or two or three or ten, ran through my mind. Why not share my art? Who's permission am I waiting for, really? Maybe, just maybe, there's someone out there as odd as I am that would love to have my art in their homes. Why not share what I do, while continuing to improve my own practice? I will never be perfect, and my art won't appeal to some people. But, I have fun creating. So, what's the harm in sharing?

I have big dreams for myself and my family, four-legged furry members included. Sometimes, I don't put those dreams in the spotlight when the redundancies of everyday life hit. It's easy to get lost and lose focus, but this year, I have goals I want to accomplish. That said, I'm currently working with a couple of local shops in hopes of getting some of my stickers out there in the hands of my local community. I'm also launching an Etsy shop soon so I can share with the rest of you! I'm likely overthinking it, as I usually do, but the logistics are almost complete. Once my feet hit the ground running, I'm planning to expand into prints and offer some of my original paintings for sale.

Fueled by coffee and chai tea lattes, with a deep love of all things food, this one weird person on planet Earth is excited to share the inner workings of her art brain one step at a time. Let's connect!