If you have a business, especially a small business, you are probably used to doing just about everything by yourself. You are the copywriter, the accountant, the social media manager, you name it. As your business grows, it’s time to expand your team and improve your business with qualified professionals.

Of course, it won’t be cheap but think of it as an investment. Think about what you’ll need help with the most and don’t abandon all the free resources you can use like: 9 Free Online Resources for Entrepreneurs.

Many people are quick to hire an accountant, personal assistant and an attorney before they hire a copywriter. Of course, all of those positions are important but writers get overlooked and they’re actually really valuable to your business.

First, let’s talk about what a copywriter is and what kind of services they typically offer.

Copywriters write promotional material for your business. This includes: brochures, billboards, websites, emails, social media posts, press releases, blog posts and scripts.

You might be thinking, I can do that myself, why would I need to hire someone? How hard is it to write? So, here are 5 reasons why your business urgently needs a writer:

  1. They are experts at communication

A good writer is able to tactfully relay your message while keeping your image and brand intact. The way you communicate with customers and potential customers could make or break your business. This applies to the words on your website and even your social media captions. Misunderstanding and lack of clarity could cost you sales.

2. They are wizzes at content creation

Copywriters are magicians (or wizards) when it comes to content creation. They work with your marketing team to make brochures, blog posts, scripts, press releases, emails and to make your website sound professional and well written. Copywriters can take videos you’ve already posted and can repurpose the content into newsletters, blog posts, social media posts, and more.

3. They can make you more money

It’s true. One way they can make your money is by helping you to create a well-written website. The overall look of the website and its functionality is extremely important but so are the words. Remember your website represents the entire company. If your website is full of spelling errors, grammatical errors, or the information isn’t clearly presented, your potential customer will have no problems taking their money elsewhere.

As a matter of fact, if your sales emails, social media posts or any other piece of written content you send out is poorly written, then it will reflect badly on your company, your brand, and you. However, a professional writer will make your company look professional and trustworthy, and therefore people will feel more comfortable giving you their money.

4. They can increase your engagement

Copywriters can write compelling and engaging headlines and social media posts that will improve engagement and your following on social media. With more people being aware of your brand and loving the content being produced, there’s a good chance that the likes can turn into sales.

5. They make you look like the industry expert that you are

 Of course, you know your industry inside and out but if you don’t communicate it well, no one will believe you. If your content is filled with grammar and spelling errors or is poorly organized and boring, people will not give you the engagement you’re looking for. It’s not necessarily the best product or service that gets the most sales but it’s the one people see and trust the most. People see and trust brands with excellent writing and engaging content.

The truth is, many professionals don’t see anything wrong with their writing but their potential customers and their clients do. Poor writing and communication are costing businesses money.

Ready to hire a writer?

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Don’t lose money because of poor communication and writing. Hire a writer to elevate your business today.