If you have any skill at all, there is a way that you can monetize it and make money online. The key is just to know what opportunities are out there and how to position or prepare yourself for these opportunities. Here are my best tips for freelancing online with any skill.

  • Get Some Experience

    Getting some experience under your belt will help to show prospective clients that you know what you're doing. You can gain experience by working for other people or by using personal projects.

    For example, sometimes I use my personal blog posts as writing samples. No, you do not have to work for free even if you're just gaining experience (unless you want to of course).

  • Showcase Your Work

    You'll have to find some way to showcase your work so that prospective clients can see it. You don't have to do anything fancy, you can literally just organize them in a Google Drive folder and send that link out when asked or add it to your social media platform. If you're a writer you can check out Muck Rack or Contently. If you do visual art you can drop photos of your work on Instagram, a website like Wix or Squarespace, Behance, Crevado and more. If you're looking to be a tutor, virtual assistant, or another kind of freelancer whose skills are more difficult to exhibit, try doing a case study and collect testimonials.

  • Tell everyone

    Your freelancing endeavors are not something you want to keep secret if you want consistent work. Tell everyone what you're doing, your friends, people at church, your followers and remind them from time to time. Even if they're not your target market, they may very well know someone who is and you'll get recommended. It's also a good idea to set up a referral program. This does not have to be complicated, especially when you're starting out. You can simply tell your client if they refer someone, the client can get a discount or another incentive for sending you another paying client.

  • Make a LinkedIn account- Yes other social media accounts are necessary and can generate leads but based on my experience, LinkedIn is a great tool. It's mostly an untapped resource for freelancers. You can directly connect with your target audience and people with opportunities (that aren't shady) can connect with you! LinkedIn is where I get my most consistent forms of income and it's from clients approaching me there. The key is setting up your LinkedIn for success. Maybe I'll do a separate blog on this.

  • Join a Freelance Platform or Agency

    There are various freelance platforms that you can use depending on what type of freelancing you want to do. In my free ebook, I break down the various freelancing platforms you can use based on the job you want to have. For example, as a graphic designer, virtual assistant or writer you can try Fiverr. However, there are other platforms out there. Some people have made quite a bit of money on these platforms but for the majority, it isn't that much money. However, it all depends on you, if you're working a 9-5 and don't need to replace your income completely you'll be fine anyway.

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