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I heart sewing.  It's more than a hobby - it's an obsession.  The wonderful sewing community has fed me so much with inspiration and encouragement, and I want to give back.

My goal is to help people learn to sew by offering free PDF patterns.  I released my first pajama pants pattern last year (that's probably how you found my blog Trevor Loves Mommy), and the response has been overwhelming.  So many readers have commented about the great fit and the easy-to-sew construction.  Many sewists used this pattern to make pants for their kids and grandkids as Christmas gifts.  It's incredibly gratifying reading your positive reviews.

For my first pattern, I hired a professional pattern maker because I wanted it to be clear, concise, and easy to understand.  This process took a couple of months because I wouldn't settle for anything less than perfect.  I was happy to pay for this project from my own pocket as I found it to be a great learning experience.  I also realized that I could never design a pattern on my own.  To do it right, I should always hire people who are smarter than I am.

I have tons of ideas I'd love to offer as free patterns, but the costs do add up.  Unfortunately, I don't have the funds to continue this on an on-going basis.

If you enjoyed the pajama pants pattern and would like to see more patterns in the future, would you consider buying me a coffee?  Creativity runs on caffeine.

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