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Thank you for supporting the best Fantasy Survivor League on the internet! Those of you that have been with us for years know that we pride ourselves on having the best scoring and roster system on the internet. We've been running our game for over 12 years (that's 22+ seasons!), update immediately after every episode, and have served thousands of happy, dedicated players.

We're also extremely excited to bring you the brand-spanking-new Tribal Council 2.0! Visit our website at for the full list of new and improved features including multiple league memberships, our new chat feature, and more.

As long-time survivor lovers, this site has always been a labor of love for the game. Without dedicated players, we never would have made it this far, spent so much on server bills, or sunk so much time into our system. We hope you enjoy the show as much as we do, and want to spend your time with others who share that enthusiasm.

We do not charge a membership fee, we do not run ads, and we've never sold anyone's information. Ever. Your donated coffees go directly to our server bills first, and if we can get those covered -- actual coffee! (Ok and maybe a beer).