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I am currently a PhD Candidate in Politics at the School of History, Politics and International Relations at the University of Nottingham Malaysia.

Hi! As a writer and analyst, all my writings are provided for free to the interested public. I specialise in writing and documenting political and public policy developments in an unbiased manner, ensuring facts and events are laid out analytically.

As a student, I do not draw a salary and survive (with a young child) on a small monthly stipend, short consultancies and public donations. Most academic websites do not pay for articles I write.

Until I rejoin the working world at the end of 2020, I would appreciate any and every financial contribution you can make to my personal project, that is making publicly available writings related to the political and public policy scene in Malaysia. 

Please support me so I can make more of my writings freely available, while my time can be supported with small contributions. Thank you!