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Who and What is a Trilby

Who and What is a Trilby

Sep 18, 2021


I'm Adam from the Trilbys.

In medieval times, a minstrel (or a Trilby as far as I am concerned) was an entertainer. such as a musician, juggler, acrobat or singer. In bygone times before the invention of radio and TV, the only way anyone heard music was via a live musician with a real musical instrument and a voice. Other than that you didn't hear music at all. The minstrel (or Trilby) was often paid well and was employed by lords, courtiers and advisers to royalty. As you can imagine, the whole practise has completely died out. (Buskers are different, I will explain in another post) We now sit in a coffee shops listening to a CD or sit outside an alfresco style bar listening to an iPhone plugged in to a speaker.

Well, If I have my way, that's all about to change but not without your support of course!!

Keep tracking with me and I'll keep you up to date with my progress and let you know my plans and adventures and much more.

Adam x

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