I just released a new analog/digital watchface for aviator timepiece enthusiasts who will likely recognize this watchface immediately. Creatively re-imagined for Garmin smartwatches, it has many cool display features and options. While looking very much like a precision cockpit instrument, it is very functional. I developed this because I love the look but could never justify the eye-watering price for the original timepiece, and even if I did, it is much too big for my wrist.


  • Analog/digital time with seconds

  • 2 large, highly readable digital displays

  • Over 20 data items selectable for upper data display (some in PRO version only)

  • GPS signal strength, bluetooth, and battery level indicators

  • Configurable colors

  • Heading compass

  • Tactical night lume display

  • More ...

Try it out here: https://apps.garmin.com/en-US/apps/2b2c823c-0aec-40f1-a86b-76457e38c7dd