In version 4.5.0 of the Aerospace+H4 a supplementary function for 12 o'clock marker was added.  It can be set to turn indicate the following functions:

1) Bluetooth connection status (white/on indicates connected)

2) GPS status

       Black/off indicates no signal or last known position available

       Orange indicates last known position is being used

       White indicates poor signal quality

       Green indicates usable or good signal quality

3) Messages/notifications indicator  (white/on indicates 1 or more notifications available)

4) Alarm indicator  (white/on indicates 1 or more alarms set)

5) PM (white/on indicates PM) 

6) Battery <10% indicator (red indicates low battery ; will blink in high power mode)

7) OpenWeatherMap data status (new for version 4.6.2)

       Black/off indicates no data ever acquired

       Light grey indicates data was acquired previously but is out of date (and will not be displayed)

       Orange indicates some but not all data is valid

       Green indicates all data is valid