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I was a delegate for Trump in 2016. I met him and spoke with him.  We became good friends.  He knew I was a retired Chief of Police. He told me to check out a couple of people.  I was still asleep back then. When I checked out the likes of Hillary Clinton and others I was astonished what I found out. Trump woke me up.

I am a Veteran who was in the Army Intelligence. 

I am a retired Chief of Police. When I was appointed Chief, I found myself thrown in a hornets nest.  The Sheriff, The commissioners, three of the council members were corrupt and dishonest. I started an investigation on it. They were all involved in narcotics distribution. Because the Sheriff was heavily involved I had to go to the Attorney Generals office and ask for help. I got help, but they wanted me to run the investigation.

During this investigation I gained valuable contacts in the Attorney Generals Office, also the DOJ, and valuable contacts in the FBI.

While involved in this extensive investigation the Sheriff put out a hit on me because I couldn't be bought. That hit still exists today. The investigation took two years to complete. We were able to get all of them arrested except the Sheriff. We finally got him on insurance fraud and he resigned.  He got probation and did not serve time. He is still out today and hates me with a passion. When the investigation was completed, I retired.