I'm going to piggyback just a bit on Chief's article he posted the other day. We now know that there's been a TON of fraud with the past election. News is trickling out on just how much fraud there was in AZ for example alone and now here in PA, news is abuzz about certain counties where there were some really crazy things going on with our elections.

A while back, some of you might remember a post The Chief put out about your average everyday person out there that was working the polls. Average Joe's and Jane's if you will. How they were more than willing to lie and cheat and made for certain that the votes were not registered as intended and in fact, made sure that the cheating persisted and didn't blink an eye most likely when it started to come out that there were some serious problems.

Some of you out there may know those that worked the polls that night. Some of you may be related to them. On the outside, they may be very nice people. People you see all the time, say hello to 'em, have get-togethers and such and participate in local events.

Take a very good look at the pic I posted above. Look closely at what awaits them when crunch time hits and the full force of the law comes down on those folks. I can almost bet as Chief has mentioned before, there will be some that won't be able to handle the prospect of going to jail for a very long time. At worst, be tried for treason and end up with the death penalty.

Now I have to ask, and this thought ran through my mind as I heard someone else bring this up in passing in a video I was listening to. I'm 'bout certain that this was a very coordinated event that didn't just happen "on the fly". In other words, you can betcha there were some intense training and classes on just how to pull this off.

How to manipulate the machines.
How to "double count" the votes.
What to say when questioned.
How to hide evidence.

Who was funding these classes? HOW were they funded? Who coordinated all of this and what was said in the correspondence? You can bet there's correspondence via email and snail mail of what was going on. This is a REAL BIG DEAL because as we've learned from before.......this will involve HUNDREDS if not THOUSANDS of people nationwide. Moms, Dads, Brothers, Sisters, Aunts, Uncles, "close" friends, you name it.

In light of what Chief titled his last post as.......you're going to have people say those very words. "I was just following orders". Look very closely and read that picture. Not pretty at all.

Well, "following orders" has just landed you a ticket to prison, or end up on the swinging end of a rope. All because of hatred of ONE person. All because they could not and would not listen to reason.

So sad for them and yet, I do believe it's something we won't see the likes of again in any of our lifetimes. This will be something that will be in the history books and talked about for a very long time to come.