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Modest Genius Theatre Company are on a mission to be a catalyst for social change through theatre. In March 2020 our educational show about critical thinking aimed at young people, Truth Sleuth had its tour cancelled!

After roughly 6 months of existential dread and a government mandated yoga and meditation retreat we shifted into game design. As with the previous goal of the theatre production Truth Sleuth, we wish to engage parents and their children alike. We want families to play this choose-your-own-adventure game altogether and notice what their impulses are when it comes to processing information.

This game has original music by Canadian Gregory Cochrane, animation by Christopher Harrisson and sound effects by MGTC. The story was co-written by Tess Cartwright and Christopher Harrisson remotely through lockdown. The themes we address are the environment, affordable housing, protest, conspiracy theories, fake news, integrity, bias, financial interests, trustworthiness and corruption to name a few topics. We approach these subjects in a light-hearted way and remain non-biased, allowing the player to navigate through this adult world with a bookworm sidekick for guidance.

This is an Arts Council England/National Lottery Funded project and we received £15,000 in October 2020 to make it. We had not known what it was when we embarked on it and it is much more complex and larger than we imagined. The money was spent long ago and now we are trying to recoup some of the costs for this passion project. We want to keep it FREE to all but we also need more support, if you can afford to donate please do. The money will go to all the fees that are involved in keeping this project going. We would like to finally tour the show and create school workshops that promote a passion for seeking out trusted sources.

Modest Genius Theatre Company devise physical comedy for social change. Based in Bristol and the South West, the company was formed in 2015 by graduates of the Lecoq, Gaulier and Dell'arte theatre schools. Using clown, mime, physical theatre, storytelling, movement and music we mesmerise our audience with poignant material that takes you on an emotional journey. We love the extremes and give our audience permission to feel how they feel. Company members are Tess Cartwright, Tristan Green and Sidney Robb.

Thank you for supporting us!