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🧑‍🎨 Software Artist

- Build software with highest standards
- Being an excellent software engineer
- Write good and easy-to-understand code
- Design good and easy-to-use architectures
- Knowing how to write code and test code
- Knowing how to identify business problems
- Collect user requirements
- Design a project
- Release products/projects
- Understand customers and stakeholders
- Be a trainer, teacher and guide
- Be an influencer
- More about choose my title…

🎓 Trainer / Teacher / Guide

Impart my knowledge, experiences and practical things that I use daily on topics like JavaScript, TypeScript, React, React-Native in courses.

✈️ Digital Nomad

Means 100% independent of location and only occasionally on site.
Frequently used words in this context are also RemoteWork, Distributed Work, Future Work.

🦸‍More about me…

With over 20 years of competence in creating applications, I‘m an expert at leading and developing projects for mobile and web (Apps, SPAs, API-services, etc.).

I dispose of a deep understanding of the front- and backend, the integration of different systems, the interaction, the product and the communication with stakeholders.

All this with passion, compassion and focus of people and products.

🦑 tl;dr

😃 Pronouns: he/him
❤️ JavaScript • TypeScript • React • React-Native • Digital Nomad • Remote Work • Distributed Work • Future Work • Collaboration • Compassionate
📝 Change is the only constant in life
🐶 I like being a Conference Buddy

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