Civilization has come a long way from a social resistance society. People buying the idea of a civilized world was one of the most difficult thing that they could do.

Looking at the transition from a culture based society to a civilized dynamic world, you will appreciate the fact that civilization went through uncountable resistance in pursuit of its relevance in today's world.

One thing that the society was strongly anchored on is culture. Shifting from a culture where you have been raised up is one of the most difficult thing that one could imagine of as a result, civilization faced the real coin of such a hindrance all in all it navigated through.

Racism was one of the turbulence that civilization encountered. Many people still believed in the phenotype differences and therefore, they divided themselves along ethnic and colour lines. This is where you would meet cases of the white being superior than blacks.

Illiteracy was a key player of opposition to civilization. By the virtue of being ignorant and uneducated, people couldn't understand the essence of uniting with each other neither could they speak a common language and as such conflicts and fights were the order of the day.

All in all, with the incorporation of education, religion and political affiliations, today we are living in a civilized society.