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Help us reach a minimum of £200 to cover expenses for the show.


127.5% of £200

Help us reach a minimum of £200 to cover expenses for the show.

Tunes in Rooms #10 takes place on
Friday 30th April, 7:30pm GMT

Streaming live and free from The Verdict Jazz Club in Brighton, UK, as part of International Jazz Day.

Presented in collaboration with Austrian Cultural Forum’s “Virtual Jazzexchange” program we’re pleased to present an eclectic two-set evening featuring phenomenal up-and-comers alongside industry titans:

Set #1
Lisa Hofmaninger - Reeds (Vienna)
Judith Schwarz - Drums (Vienna)

Set #2
Guido Spannocchi - Woodwinds (London / Vienna)
Jay Phelps - Trumpet (London)
Rupert Cox - Piano (London)
Ruth Goller - Bass (London)
Tristan Banks - Drums (London)

Both sets will be streamed for FREE as part of International Jazz Day.

You may still buy us a coffee. All donations go 100% to the musicians involved.

About the line-up

Up-and-coming Austrian duo Hofmaninger & Schwarz are renowned for their interplay and contemporary approach to jazz and have won awards such as the nomination for New Austrian Sound Of Music. Their textures and compositions are delicate yet full of force hence they have made their mark on the Austrian scene and beyond.

Guido Spannocchi, regular host of Tunes in Rooms and JazzExchange Austria has gathered an all star quintet for International Jazz Day presenting a mix of obscure standards and originals. Jay Phelps known for his work with Amy Winehouse or Reuben James will feature on trumpet alongside Ruth Goller who tours the world with her band Skylla and Melt Yourself Down on bass accompanied by the young lion Rupert Cox on piano who recently excelled as sideman of China Moses and Tristan Banks on drums whose credits range from Roy Ayers over Steve Winwood just to name a few.

The concert will be streamed via Youtube. You’ll receive the link after making a donation.

How it works:
    1.    Buy us a coffee / make a donation
    2.    You'll receive an email with a streaming link
    3.    Dial in via the link and enjoy the tunes

All proceedings go to the musicians performing during the show.
We hope to see you there.

About Tunes in Rooms
Tunes in Rooms is a series of intimate living room concerts bringing people together over carefully crafted underground jazz. Started in early 2020, Tunes in Rooms hosted concerts in London, NYC, Vienna, Rome and Hong Kong and aims to continuously explore the boundaries of taking music to new audiences and formats around the globe.

About Jazzexchange Austria
"Jazzexchange" is a series of concerts, initiated by the ACF London and curated by the Austrian born and London based musicians Aram Zarikian and Guido Spannocchi. The projects aims to connect cutting edge bands from Austria and connect them with the UK scene - even in times of travel bans and pandemic.

About International Jazz Day
Nearly 200 countries participate in International Jazz Day every year. In addition to concerts and jam sessions, events include workshops, conferences, and community outreach.

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