Can A Running Back Win NFL MVP This Season?

               The quick answer is yes.  It is possible every season for a running back to win the MVP.  However, this award usually goes to a quarterback.  The quarterback is arguably the most important position in all of sports so one would think that they are the most valuable players of their teams.  But sometimes, there is a star that needs to be recognized and yet most of the time they get overlooked.

               The last running back to win the MVP award was Adrian Peterson in 2012 when he was with the Minnesota Vikings.  He rushed for 2097 yards.  The next closet running back was Alfred Morris for the Washington Redskins and he rushed for 1613 yards.  That in and of itself is a heck of a season but Peterson had a historic season in 2012 so rightfully so he took home the hardware.  Since 2000 there have only been 4 running backs to win the award and the rest are quarterbacks. 

               This NFL season can be summed up in one word…WILD!  There are upsets and injuries galore.  There isn’t a single dominate team this season and even though the ageless wonder, Tom Brady is playing arguably the best football of his entire career, the Bucs are not head and shoulders above any other team.  Patrick Mahomes, who most folks probably penciled in to win the award in the preseason has had his ups and downs this season.  The reigning MVP, Aaron Rodgers, has been both polarizing on and off the field so has his play been enough to give him the nod after all of the off the field things?  This leaves Jonathan Taylor, running back for the Indianapolis Colts.

               Taylor is leading the league in rushing and rushing touch downs.  His Colts team have also become one of the hottest, if not the hottest team in the NFL.  They started slow out of the gates and that might hurt them when it comes playoff time because they are looking like they will win a Wild Card spot rather than winning their division.  One could argue that if Derick Henry, running back for the Tennessee Titans, hadn’t gotten hurt he would be the front runner for the MVP.  He has been hurt for weeks and looks to not return in the regular season, he is still sixth in rushing.  He was putting together a season to remember that is for sure so the injury was very sad to see.

               Now trust me, I am not saying that if Taylor wins the award it won’t be by default.   He has put together an amazing season and he has put this Colts team on his back and he will lead them into the playoffs and will be a team that no one will want to face.  The old cliché of defense and a running game travels well is in full effect with the Colts.  They have a defense that is a top 5 defense and they have JT carrying the ball like a mad man.  The only person that can upset, and in my opinion would be an upset, Taylor’s MVP nod is up in Green Bay and like Stephen A. Smith says “Aaron Rodgers is a baaaaad man!”