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Thanks for making this! I always loved stats and its really scratching that itch. Especially when friends are better than me at everything except like headshot percentage so I have something to gloat about haha. One thing would be good to sort the tracker log labels (the date of recording) into an easier to read format, as it would be much easier to to see how you played that day, or that week etc. ALSO (im being fussy im sorry, the app is definitely one of the best) sorting in the operator stats tab by most kills / kd etc would be really cool. Many wishes and good luck down the road! if you ever need some to play with my current name is on uplay is 'postman-phat'. im around plat 3 normally but now ive aid that ill plummet to copper . . 

Hey Alex,Thanks a lot for the kind words . I'm so happy to hear that the tool helps you! I will definitely consider your suggestion. You mean the log entries in the log file, right. I can append the date-time stamp in front of every log message. Sort functionality for the operator stats is on my todo list and will be coming soon (TM).I will add you on UPlay, sure. I am on a break from Rainbow since I burned out but I will catch you soon for sure.

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Here's a double double on me bud ;)

Appreciate it, the first coffee I got from a side project .