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DarkNeurons is an Open-Source implementation of Automatic Deep Learning Library which can reduce the time and Complexity for non-technical users to train their own networks without Compromising Accuracies for Classification of Images and Object Detection, the most demanding techniques for Autonomous Systems and Medical Fields.

" By augmenting human performance, AI has the potential to markedly improve productivity, efficiency, workflow, accuracy and speed, both for physicians and for patients … What I’m most excited about is using the future to bring back the past: to restore the care in healthcare. " - Eric Topol


  • Installation

  • Classification

  • Object Detection


Two ways to install Library:

$ pip install DarkNeurons


git clone https://github.com/Tushar-ml/DarkNeuron.git

cd DarkNeuron

python setup.py install

Providing the Summary of Methods in DarkNeurons below, Detailed Instructions can be seen over here: Show Your Support by Forking the Repository and by Providing contribution to it.



DarkNeuron Classification has the feature of implementing Pretrained Models on ImageNet Data. Users can directly train pre-trained models or can retrain their own models. Models provided are:

  • InceptionV3

  • Xception

  • ResNet50

  • VGG16

  • VGG19 Further will be added on upcoming releases.

  • Initialization:

from DarkNeurons import Classify_Images

classify = Classify_Images( working directory )

  • Preparation and Preprocessing of Data:

    Train , Valid , Test = classify.Preprocess_the_Image( )

  • Model Creation

    model = classify.Create_the_Model( )

  • Model Training

    model = classify.Train_the_Model( )

  • Prediction

    classify.Predict_from_the_Model( )

  • Visualization of Metrics and Prediction

    classify.Visualize_the_Metrics( )

    classify.Visualize_the_Predictions( )


Object Detection Model uses the YOLOv4 version for Detection. It is the fastest algorithm known for Detection

  • Initialization:

    from DarkNeurons import YOLOv4

    yolo = YOLOv4( working directory )

  • Preparation of Data:

    yolo.Prepare_the_Data( )

  • Model Training

    yolo.Train_the_Yolo( )

  • Detection

    yolo.Detect( )

In the Detection part, you can detect from Image, Video or even Live Capturing from Screen Detection.

Further Releases:

  • Visualization of Artificial Neural Networks

  • Hybridization or Fusion of Two Different Models

  • Object Tracking using DeepSORT

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