Hi guys,

My name is Muhammad Bilal and I have been working as a System Administrator since the past 15 years. I just started working on my blog Tuxpedia which will be featuring Linux Systems Administration tips, tricks and tutorials.

Just wrote an article on the installation of LAMP Stack on CentOS 7. So thought I would share it with you guys.

Installation of LAMP Stack on CENTOS 7

Although, this is just a simple article. However, I am planning to share my knowledge with you on regular intervals and hope that my articles would be of use to you guys. Will be starting from simple tutorials and will be moving on to more advanced tasks in the future.

Your suggestions will be highly appreciated. You may contact me on my email.

Most importantly, I would be needing support from you guys to make this blog a success as I am competing with giants in the SEO world and its not an easy competition.

Thanks for helping me grow.


Muhammad Bilal