When I commissioned AJ Córez the 3d version of Bato, we spoke about creative freedom. He had some ideas and his own vision of Bato, which intrigued me quite so. Because I'm a sucker for creative endeavors, I added to the commission this alternate version of Bato. While the character's appearance is the same, the outfit was completely determined by AJ Córez. His implementation of the mantle (in this case as a scarf) into a more rugged and drifter-like design opened a world of possibilities to me. I am in love with this! So much so, that AJ Córez's vision made me go back to the drawing board (er... tablet) and make some notes for Bato's future design. I would recommend checking out AJ Córez for 3d rendered models, and I guarantee that you won't be disappointed. Check his art here.