This will be done every end of the month if the goal is reached.

What you will receive when the goal is reached can be:

-Bust (1st-2nd month).

-Halfbody (3th-4th month).

-Fullbody (5th-6th month).

If the goal is reached in those months my Ko‑fi supporters and channel subscribers will be given what was promised (The amount of prizes may vary depending on my availability).

📌How much do I have to donate to receive a drawing?

What you can donate! It is not necessary that you donate more than one dollar to receive a drawing in return.

📌Where should I put my reference?

Put the link of your reference in the message when sending your ko-fi, and click the "private message" box so that I can only see it.

📌What if I can't donate?

No matter! You just have to be aware of the channel, since I will publish a message where you can leave your reference and I will take approx. 15 characters or less.

📌 So you give free drawings?

Nope! It is actually a gift from the people who donated.

📌 If there are more than 15 Ko‑fi supporters, you will take all or only 15?

I'll take all my Ko‑fi supporters(No matter how much they are), but 10 requests will be left for channel subscribers.
📌 What happens if the goal of the month is not reached?

The drawings for the Ko‑fi supporters and request will be made the following end of the month ,but the money is not lost!

I do this because my subscribers help me to grow as an artist anyway and Ko‑fi supporters help me with some of my expenses.

At the same time I don't want people to just come for so-called "free drawings", it's actually a gift from my Ko‑fi supporters!

I hope this works and if it doesn't, I will still appreciate your support with little things with some kind of surprise drawing.