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Hi, I am Vittoria (I prefer to go by this name. It's another version of my second name.) and I do tarot readings in Filipino and English. Please know that the readings I do are guides only and is not the final nail in the coffin. What this means is that in the end, the choice(s) that you'll make is still up to you and you alone.

Before purchasing a reading, please heed the the following:

Future readings about love, casually about finance and health (With limitations though in regards to a person's mental and physical health as I am not a doctor.) are welcome however: I won’t do readings about topics that involves people in power, events that I have no control over like death, family matters that would uncover things that I don't have any business to know as it doesn't concern you directly, or if it concerns witchcraft and/or dark magic, and any questions related to that. 

Readings would also be denied if your question(s) are wondering if someone would have a misfortune/encounter bad luck. Or anything about another individual being harmed in any way. 

Ultimately, if I find your question(s) too much for me to handle, I would deny it.

And if you ever decide to go around and knowingly book me just to persist in asking question(s) I do not wish to entertain, I will end the FB meeting and there won’t be any refunds.

(Zoom is also available as an alternative meeting place.) 

For Filipino clients: GCash is available as an alternative method. 

Consultation hours: 9am - 11am, 9pm - 11pm GMT+8/Philippine Standard Time