The Pantry Prostate Calendar Documentry

The Pantry Prostate Calendar Documentry

Oct 03, 2022

This Documentary film was Directed, Produced and Edited by us Elizabeth & Neil Southwick the Bionic Bikers (aka Two magpies Media).

Completely self funded we amassed some six X 40 hr weeks of work over 10 months in between our normal work/life balance to bring this film to fruition in aid of the Prostate Cancer Charity.

It is a tribute to all those that are fighting Cancer and in Memory to all those that have sadly lost their fight. It is very sad that in our modern world we are actually losing more and more souls year after year with no signs of it decreasing.

This is the story of 53 ordinary people coming together to make a calendar girls style calendar in aid of Prostate Cancer and sharing their experiences for all to see. They bared their bodies and minds for all to see. It will take you on a journey of highs and lows, laughter and tears.

No Acting No Script No Big budget production A Husband and Wife team filming real people, real lives, in a live environment just keeping it real! Trying to get the message out there.

Its hard hitting and perhaps NOT for the squeamish but EVERYONE should see this film.

For anyone who would like to help support us to continue our work or donate in recognition of the work we have done then you can literally just buy us a coffee :) 20% of which will go to the Prostate cancer charity.

Insta:  @Bionic Bikers   @Two Magpies Media 

Web: http://www.twomagpiesmedia



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