I have decided that as of September 1st, I am going to start posting daily to my Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter pages. These images will be mostly older images from my deep archives. Hopefully, this will increase my organic reach on those pages.

The good news for my Buy Me a Coffee followers is that I will continue publishing new work here on Fridays (and maybe more often if my queue gets too long) - well before it enters the daily queues for those others pages. So the best place to follow me for my newest work will be here. Photo Friday will continue to be available to all my followers for free.

For more detailed behind the scenes type posts and glimpses into what I'm doing for game design and special projects for YouTube (including longer videos than what I post on YouTube), consider following at one of the member levels. (Or if you just want to support what I'm doing.)

Thanks for following! Hopefully there are some great things to come!