Here's Nidhi Malani from Surat, Gujrat, who just turned 15, this July. The little girl is studying in her 10th standard and is also a full-time entrepreneur. She was just 13 when she started her entrepreneurial journey with a vision to make "baking cakes an easy and trouble-free task". In 2020, when the whole world was panicking due to the breakdown of the Covid-19 pandemic, Nidhi's mother, CA Asha Malani, was running a small enterprise, "Young Entrepreneurs", to train and encourage children, mostly teens, to start their venture. Nidhi was one of her students and during the training, she conceived the idea to start her own business.

Those days, cooking and baking had been a trend and Nidhi had an all-time craving for baking and enjoying varieties of delicious homemade cakes. But the pre-baking procedure was a tedious task. There struck an idea to her mind, of supplying instant cake mix to people around so that baking becomes simple. In May 2020, the little one came up with her first-ever business, "Cakeopedia". With just Rs.3,200 borrowed from her mother, for the basic ingredients, she started her venture. Initially, she got some closed ones as her customer. And they tremendously loved the mix.

Soon, orders were regular and increased in number. Gradually, with the complete support of her family, especially her mother's full-time involvement, Nidhi introduced her products in the nearby retail outlets in Surat and also started giving samples to a number of renowned bakers. The response they received was splendid. Gradually, Nidhi along with her mother worked on the improvement of the packaging and started developing product lines. And just as another method of scaling up her business, she has her online store in Amazon as well.

Today, Cakeopedia is receiving orders from every part of the country and is generating a decent turnover of lakhs. They have 12 flavours of cake mix available in both sugar and jaggery as a sweetener. Also, they have hot chocolate, cold chocolate, and some other bakery mix on the menu. Soon, they are coming up with some delicious cookie mix, to add sweetness to life.

Not just cakes, Nidhi is focusing on healthy and delicious cakes baked at your home with ease. They have wheat flour and other healthy grains as the major ingredient of their cake mix, completely taking health into consideration. The best part is the price of products is quite reasonable and affordable along with a great taste and quality. For Cakeopedia, the only aim is to reach every household in India, making every celebration a special one. Nidhi says, "like everyone knows to prepare instant noodles, one day everyone will know about instant baking".

Nidhi has always wanted to be a doctor and one of her favourite hobbies is studying. But now that she is an entrepreneur, she loves her new and modified profession and would love to continue with the venture. In the future, along with her studies and of course Cakeopedia, she is hoping to start some other businesses as well. Apart from being good at studies, Nidhi is a state-level Badminton player and also a trained Classical Bharatnatyam Dancer(7th year and continuing). She is also a voracious reader and loves reading fiction.

Her mother being her biggest inspiration and her major support system, she has learnt to never give up and value and respect everyone around. At this tender age, Nidhi understood that hard work is the only concrete path to permanent success. 

When every family starts raising a Nidhi Malani, India will soon reach the peak of development in the near future.


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