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🕺 I'm Elie, a student who always want to learn new thing 😊.
🏫 I am currently studying at IPI School and work with Pictarine 📸.
🌱 I’m currently learning a lot of thing 😆, and I currently start to create many project ideas 👷(always written in a very small notebook or in my To do list 📓) .
👯 I try to improve myself by working on different projects.
🎆 2022 Goals: Create my first real project, and share it as much as possible (is actually on the way). ✅
🥳 I love playing videos games 🎮 and I am currently drawing again (I will post my different drawing on my website soon). But in my free time, generally i love to ride and joking with my friends 🚲.


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