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About Josh

Street-Creds: Wrestled Alligators Professionally, Fought Fires, Delivered Babies, Saved Lives, Built and Sold Companies (FAILED and PIVOTED more than most), Worked with Sharks (I mean Venture Capitalists), was one of the first to build an online group fitness company, Build and Scaled a network of co-working studios in partnerships with local municipalities, built and sold podcasts and media brands, Interviewed over 700 Entrepreneurs and CEO’s across 5 Podcast Shows reaching top of iTunes Charts…..

But really enjoys talking about topics like identity, purpose, impact, beliefs, and relationships

Our podcast has hit the global top 10% popularity for uncensored shows for men.  We dig into tough topics that most people avoid.  Not here.... this is a place where we can talk about almost* anything. 

Thanks for checking this out... Hope we connect soon