“Hey George, are you okay?”

“Hm?” George yawns. “Yeah, I’m fine. What is it?”

“You’ve been yawning ever since you joined the teamspeak,” Sapnap answers, sounding worried. “Did you pull an all-nighter or something?”

George thinks back to his night with Clay, and he smiles a little. “Hm… maybe.”

“Dude, what were you even doing?”

“Recording a video.” Technically not a lie.

“Yeah, but don’t do youtube at the expense of your health,” his friend continues. “You really need to sleep more. You sound awful.”

“Thanks,” George frowns. “I’ll keep that in mind.” He doesn’t promise he’ll sleep more though. Sure, he’ll try to keep a balance of normal nights and Clay nights, but having the Clay nights was non-negotiable.

His friend sounds unsatisfied with George’s reply. “Guess that dream doll isn’t working so good, after all.”

“Oh believe me,” George smiles, remembering every good night’s sleep he’s had with Clay by his side, “it’s working, alright.”