“God, what the hell, Clay! You said the water wasn’t cold!”

“I did not say that,” Clay defends himself, laughing at George’s expression, “I just said it’s not that bad.”

“Well, you lied, because this is that bad.” George can’t help shivering a bit, hopping around in the water to ease himself into the cold. It feels like his toes are freezing.

Clay snickers at George’s little dance. “I bet I can go in deeper than you.”

“Clay, don’t.”

It’s too late though, since Clay is already tugging off his hoodie. He throws it onto the pebbles, then takes his shirt off too. George is staring. He can’t help it. For a gaming junkie, his friend is more toned and muscular than he thought. In the moonlight, Clay appears… ethereal. His skin glints brightly, and his features appear more defined because of the contrast of light and shadows in the night. 

Thump thump, goes George’s heart.