Hello, and thank you for checking out the UkeStuff page on Buy Me a Coffee.  I'm very glad for this service.  I didn't like the way that Patreon causes you to lock content behind a paywall that is never-ending.  What I like about Buy Me a Coffee is that you can support someone once, or you can go back later and support them again.  You can also become a "member" and support someone like Patreon.

Most importantly, a creator can place an item on Buy Me a Coffee, such as a link, and put that behind a one time paywall.  That is what I needed to do with the Video Ukulele Method, and that has been great.

I have a few items for you today.  First, if you want to buy the Video Ukulele Method, use the "Shop" to find it.  That will give you immediate access to the link and to the resource.

Second, you will not have access to "write" to the Google Sheet documents, but they are on Google's Suite, so you can open a Google Sheet, and then "Make a Copy."  Then you can edit all you want!

Third, remember that access to the full index of all the songs (not just those in the method) is always available, free (no paywall) at ukeplayalongs.com.  I tried to make sure that the method has school friendly songs, and you may want to add music beyond those songs for your situation.

And finally, thank you again for your support.  It is wonderful to finally earn a little income from this work.  The play along videos and the method have been incredibly successful in my own teaching--even with the most reluctant students--and my students really do learn how to play the chords, and to make their own music if they choose to do so.  One of the best moments is when a student comes in, bringing their new ukulele the first time (they don't have to buy a ukulele for my program).  It means they fell in love with the idea of making their own music--and that's wonderful.

I wish you the best, and remember, you can always reach out to me if you need help, and I'm always open for suggestions, too!


Chris Russell