La Cumparsita for Ukulele Ensemble


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Hi, I'm Abe (ah-bay), musician, teacher, and podcaster from CT, USA.

I love playing ukulele, helping others improve, and making music.

I created Abe's Ukulele Podcast to share inspiration and knowledge from some of the best ukulele players and teachers.

I also create ukulele arrangements.

If you like my music, song sheets, or the podcast, please buy me a coffee to help me make more. Thank you for your support!

Arrangements can be found in this google drive:

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Sunhwa Reiner
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Thanks to you and Mika for singing on the National Family Service!!! Blessing so many people with your voices! You both rock my socks. 😊 

Thank you so much😄

Someone bought 5 coffees.

Thanks! 😊

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After two performances tonight, how can I not help out! Keep up the great work Abe~

Thank you so much!

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another coffee for the If We Hold On Together cover <3

wow! thanks so much! I'm not particularly proud of that one but I'm so glad you enjoyed it 😅 one of my favorite songs growing up


$42 of $300 goal reached!

New website 🙌