My name is Mark, and the show, Alaska Ulfhednar is the recognition of my birthright as a Norse Úlfhé∂nar from 18 generations of Germanic-Danish ancestry to see past the psychological damage caused by the implementation of monotheism throughout the world. I publish a weekly podcast in addition to the associated blog post. I'll hopefully be able to include this in our blog distribution, however, feel confident that our shows will be included in our webpage. We should post the blog here, as well as a link to listen to the podcast weekly, so be sure to check back often.

After being an ordained Christian chaplain for several years, my everyday practices would evolve into the beliefs of my ancestors. I discuss the psychological damage caused by the subliminal obedience to the monotheistic practices throughout the millennia. After 20+ years as a spiritual counselor for men and women, including substantial assistance offered to our men and women returning from combat assignments overseas, I bring some of the discoveries I have made as to the long-term ramifications that these practices have had on the general psychology of everyday people. Whether individuals are confessed practitioners of monotheistic practices or not, there is a level of damage caused by these practices.

In addition, I offer counseling to a multitude of groups about heathen/pagan beliefs and act as a spiritual guide. If you have questions, and/or would like to talk, by all means, visit my website and reach out to me.