Many have come to me and inquired about the use of one's aura. Most of them do not understand the physical value of preserving a clear physical mind, which would translate to a clear aura. Today, I'd like to talk about our aura, as well as a detailed explanation of its usage as physical beings. What exactly is our personal aura, and how do we create it? Technically, we (as physical beings) have no influence as to whether the aura exists or not, nor what other entities interact with it. We do have a substantial amount of influence as to how large it is, how clear it is, or how well we understand the message (energy) transmitted through it. This is a process that begins before we are born. Our aura is directly associated with our spiritual self, and therefore, when our spiritual self is bonded to our physical self (at the moment of conceptualization) our aura is established, although very small at first, and not very clear. Like any of our physical muscles, so too must the aura be exercised to continue to extend its reception, clarity, and energy transfer abilities. 

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