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Hey 👋 We just created a page here - with completely NO expectations and NO force to get "supported" :D Let's give it a try... We're always driving it on our own, without any additional pushes and 3rd party support besides our great companies and teams enabling us to do it with such a dedication on every Friday. But from now on, You can also buy us a coffee/pizza/donuts or support us on a monthly basis! 

We're running a YT channel on which we're highlighting community and HQ activities gathered around our beloved open-source Umbraco CMS. Our weekly news livestreams are performed on every Friday at 11:30 UK. We're inviting guests from community and IT industry, Umbraco HQ representatives, visiting events and doing everything to help spread the news across people who can benefit from it.

If you found it useful for yourself, you want to supply some coffee, pizza or donuts to make us happier during the episodes - thank you in advance for your support!


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