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Hi, I'm a science writer and public speaker passionate about space exploration and the Moon. You can read my articles and know more about my work at

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Always loving your post on Moon, and science. They bring in a new perspective and help me think in a different way. Also they motivate me to write more.

That’s so good to hear! Thank you so much, and I hope you write more. :)

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Read a few good articles on ISRO and its planetary missions. Good, informative and eye-opening. Wish you all the best.

Wow! Thanks a lot, I’m really glad you like my ISRO coverage. :)

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While feeding my mind with fascinating Science stuffs, I arrived at a mindblowing article headed "5 Unique Missions of ISRO" from then I've been following the regular new and splendid works of Uncertain Quark :) Now 'm buying this pizza for you, Jatan! Keep creating stunning contents

Thank you so much Sakshi, really happy to have your support. :)

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