Is this position still available? I had ignored looking at the school as it was listed as USA and presumed it made me inelegible. Unsure if it still does in terms of visa requirements?

Whatever the case, you are a school I came across online some years ago and had totally forgotten existed. The project itself is truly a admirable one and even more so in light of the worrying barriers developing that restrain such activity, which of course make such work more vital than ever. As someone who has only ever wanted to have a positive impact on the world, there are surely few schools that can offer such potential in this regard.

As my Search profile indicates, I'm currently in Mexico as travel plans were, inevitably, disrupted. Fortunately, due to school closure last year I was left in the enviable position of being paid a significant severance which gave me the opportunity to dedicate time to writing a book. This has now transformed into a much broader work of spoken word, music, poetry, visual art, new social media platforms etc. that explores how the expansion of the mediums through which we communicate can be an engine of social change. I therefore proceed with the remainder of this application in that direction...

Is It Too Late To Participate

In A Project Of Potential

To Disrupt The Nonsensical

That We Call Society

A Heroic Community

Caught In Hostility

To The Very Approach

That Gives Way To A Reproach

Of The Values We Hold Dear

The Nomad Is Not Just

The Physical Traverser Of Space

But The Constant Becoming In Time

Of A Subject Outside Of Place

One Willing To Endlessly Wind

And Unwind

The Pathways Of Life

Satisfied In The Quest To Find

The Unfindable

Kind regards,