I wrote about the experience I had in Cuba (as indicated in the image of the ID cards in the video), in which multiple early Scorpios (23rd, 24th, 25th October) all from entirely different social backgrounds happened to meet at the very moment Scorpio was moving into position under a full moon. This synchronicity led to the development of what RD Laing calls ontological insecurity, and the pathologisers might refer to as a psychotic or hypomanic episode of a sort, which ultimately ended with an ego death experience followed by a physical near death experience in a medical facility, my fleeing from a hospital in a paranoia, and ultimately my informal deportation from Cuba. Thank god for the Cuban government and their belief in the possibility of more meaning; had this occured in any other country I would either be dead or permanently institutionalised*.

After An Intrepid Journey

At Last A Destination Of A Sort

Soon To Discover

Scorpios United

Under A Full Moon

At The Very Point

Of The Inception

Of The Rejection Of Causality

The Emergence Of A New Reality

Via The Divergence Of Time

Into A State Of A Line

An Ordering Of

An Apparent Disorder

23, 24, 25

On The Table

Opening Up A Willingness To Disable

An Ontological Rupture

Of A Profound Structure

Disintegrating Unmeaning

Into The Possibility Of A New Meaning

One Able To See

The Self Fulfilling Nature Of Thee

Unfolding Against

A Revolutionary Society No Less

The Peoples Republic Of Cuba

So It Says

But It's Only The Alien That's Able

Free From A Subjectivity That Disables

To Disrupt The Fixation Of A Machine

No More Controlling Than We

Allow It To Be

Treat It As Such

And It Will Give Just As Much

Reject The Clutch

By Becoming The Crutch

Disabling Its Direction

By Manifesting Its Inflection

The Reflection Of Its Reflection

*This is being turned into a book, but unfortunately prose does not come quickly or easily. Indeed, in my own case the medium has been a major barrier to the effective communciation of this story. A video summary given to my students shortly after it happened will be uploaded in due course.