Back at the beginning of January not looking where I was going I physically bumped into a vagabond as I left a store where I had just purchased some cigars (it's unfortunate that their intellectual utility has been so lost or disregarded). We began talking quite incessantly about a variety of topics that we both seemed to have on our minds, namely mental "illness", schizophrenia, consumption, etc. We had much in common on our outlooks on the world. Both vagabonds at different levels of society (and that's not to imply any kind of inferiority or superiority). Near the end of this first conversation he noticed my necklace, namely the brass spiral shape contorted around the shell (see PRODUCTION AND CONSUMPTION). At which point he revealed his own necklace of a much larger more resplendent form. I pointed to the synchronous nature of the event, to which he responded with an apparent (according to him) paraphrase from the famous Argentine writer Jorge Luis Borges "teniamos una previa cita". What was even more interesting was that this very same spiral shape was encountered when I met the other Jesse, again under a similarly bizarre circumstance of coincidence (we had both had a relationship with the same girl in a different town, and this girl told him to meet me when I arrived to Puerto Escondido only to discover that at this very moment we were sat about 20m from each other on the beach). He too had necklace of this form, as well as being the man behind a new social media app (One Kind Mind) whose logo is, you guessed it, a brass coloured spiral. A symbol, no less, for a non-identity that endlessly ravels and unravels through time. An approach both these other subjects do seem to follow in their lives.

For several weeks after this original encounter, I had a desire to return to speak to him as his understanding and approach to the world was a fascinating one. On one occasion I cycled over to see if he was where I had met him. Strangely along the way, I was about 5 seconds short of being electrocuted at the hands of an explosion in the overhead cable of the trolley bus. When I arrived, I found him in the middle of the road engaged in vocal admonition of drivers passing by. He seemed really busy so I decided not to disturb him and returned home, disappointed in myself really for being fearful of him, which in part, along with the important points raised by RD Laing in the interviews contained in the video, encouraged me to develop this action.