So Where Do The Living Go

In The Land Of The Dead

But Keep Moving Ahead

Sans Destination

It's An Apocalyptic

Representation For Sure

But Withought Such

A Catastrophic Interpretation

How Does The Revolutionary Subject

See The Urgency

Withought The Paranoia Of Monsters

At Each Corner

Waiting To Strike

And The Delusions Of Grandeur

That He Has The Capacity To Fight

There'll Never Be One

With A Crazy Enough

Might To Tear

Through The Fabric

Of Reality

And Open Up The

World To

The Light



Choosing To Be

A Revolutionary

Is The Truly

Revolutionary Act



For a day:

1. Wake up with the firm deeply accepted belief that you are a revolutionary fully capable of uprooting the existing social order.

2. Take every action within your capacity to fulfill that identity throughout the day.

3. Act as if the whole world is fighting against you and resist in every way you can.

4. Share your experiences on this page.