Second Guessing

One Self

Is To Be Messing

With The Health

Of The Capacity

Of The Non Ego

To The Veracity

Of The Hero

Let Immediacy Reign

And Autonomy Will Remain

As The Unconscious Manifests

A Reality Without Contest

A Path Unfolding In

The Moment Of Its Molding

Rather Than One Manipulated

By The I To A Direction

Of Institutionally Shaped Affection

Constructed By Possibilities

Constrained By Falsities

Commanded By Morbidities



Spiralling Two Dimensions

Into Three

Into Four

Into No More



For a month:

  1. Whenever you encounter a decision to make, take the immediate choice that comes to mind

  2. Do not think or reflect on the decision made.

  3. Maintain this immediacy throughout the month.

  4. At the end of the month reflect on where these choices led you. How have they changed you? Did they lead to Synchronicity? Interesting developments?

  5. Share your experiences on this page.