Belief In The Certainty Of Uncertainty

Filling The Self With Doubt

Making Us Refuse To Find A Way Out

Fixing Us In Place Without The

Willingness To Change Our Space

The Irony Of This Malaise

Is Right There In The Face

Of A System That Occupies It All

Like a Madman Constantly Reinventing

Himself At Each Fall

A Need To Live As Dynamically As A Machine

That Crunches Us Into Bite Size Feed Through Its Rapine

Making The Challenge All The More Unpalatable

To The Will Less Without Wherewithal

At The Least We Don't Need To Treat

Ourselves As Inviolate Meat

For We Can Always Act As Seeds

In A Constant State Of Disbelief

We Don't Know But We Do Know

What We're Doing To Our Selfs

What We're Doing To Our Selfs



A Desire To Resist

In The Midst

Of The Self Denial

Of The Denial Of The Self



For a month:

1. Any time you have the urge to do something outside of your "normal" identity (e.g. buy a funky hat, go skydiving, wear a dress etc.), take whatever steps possible to make it happen and do it.

2. Change your identity at least three times during this same month i.e. become a musician, an artist, a missionary, a churchgoer, a cyclist etc.).

3. Absolutely refuse to listen to naysayers throughout the month. If necessary, block them temporarily, or permanently.

4. Reflect on what your experiences tell you about your rigidity as a subject and what this means in relation to your place in society.

5. Share your experiences on this page.