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Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 Studio equipment

This compact and durable interface allows for creative freedom on the go. Trusted by professionals for over three decades, Focusrite's legacy of excellence continues, empowering artists and producers worldwide.Audio Interface Purposes:1.)Analog to Digital Conversion (ADC): When you speak into a microphone or play an instrument connected to the audio interface, the analog audio signals generated are converted into digital data. This conversion is essential for recording and processing the audio using software on your computer.2.) Digital Signal Processing: The digital audio data is processed by your computer or device's software, such as Digital Audio Workstations (DAWs) or audio editing software. Here, you can apply effects, adjust levels, and perform various manipulations to shape the sound.3.) Digital to Analog Conversion (DAC): Once the audio has been processed digitally, the audio interface converts the digital data back into analog signals. These analog signals can then be sent to speakers, headphones, or other external audio devices for monitoring or playback.

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Logic Pro (Recording Software)

Logic Pro is recording software with an intuitive interface and professional-grade tools, I can create  music, record poetry, and record my short stories from the comfort of my home and save on studio, and engineering costs.  By investing in this essential tool, you support my growth and open doors to collaborations within the music industry. With Logic Pro, I gain the autonomy to maintain creative control over my work, ensuring my music stays true to my vision to awaken hearts, illuminate minds and deepen perspectives. 

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2021 MacBook Pro

 Multi-purposed tool that will be used to write and edit stories as well as to produce music and edit video. I wear many hats.  I need something that can process data optimally. This will also allow me to be able stay at home and record high quality music. 

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Mostly for nostalgic purposes and to see how this medium may effect the creative process.

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The freewrite is a drafting device that is frees the writer from distractions. The purpose of the freewrite device is to draft and not edit. These two processes are completely separated. It does not need internet and has an efficient battery lifespan that will enable me to write free without distraction anywhere and at any time. More information:https://youtu.be/XPEt2_Julrkhttps://hemingwrite.com/

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