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Thank you Unf*cker.

Dec 24, 2022


I’ve often said that you’ve given us the greatest gift of all. Your time. 

It’s something that we truly cherish and will never take for granted. This past year you gave us countless hours of your precious time, and together we tackled some of the most pressing issues we face as a nation. 

We delved into the worlds of education, healthcare, student debt, immigration and religion. We tore apart the legacy of the Clinton years, the impact of Amazon on culture and society, and peered deep into the soul of libertarians to understand what the f*ck they’re after. 

We scrutinized the influence of bad actors like PragerU, Peter Thiel and BlackRock. Attempted to explain the divide between Black and Jewish Americans. Uncovered the horrors of residential schools. And so much more. 

On behalf of Manny and 99, I wanted to thank you for continuing to support our work with your time, feedback and financial generosity. We take none of this for granted. Because of your support, we wake up every day inspired and ready to face new topics and meet the challenges that await. 

While our day jobs continue to fund the bulk of our efforts to produce the very best show possible, the financial support many have given us helps offset the cost of production. For this we are deeply humbled. Your contributions have enabled us to procure a fully licensed library of music and effects, pay for distribution, and have access to critical research resources. 

Our team remains more committed than ever to growing the UNFTR brand and exploring new topics that help explain this bizarre, wonderful and frustrating world of ours that is filled with as much pain as it is potential. Hopefully our community will continue to grow and our work will fill the ears of thousands of new Unf*ckers you help bring into the fold.

We have a lot of exciting work ahead of us and some new projects that we can’t wait to reveal in 2023! With any luck, it will be a year of exponential growth that will allow you to say, “Oh, you're new here? I’m an original Unf*cker. I knew them when.”  

Heading into the holidays and the new year, my heart is filled with the words of encouragement from you. Thank you for being the wind in our sails on this sweet and wondrous journey. 

With love and respect,


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